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“We are building and maintaining the infrastructure that supports our community – from roads, bridges, sewers, sidewalks to transportation systems and towering buildings.”

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“As members of LiUNA (Laborers International of North America), we lead the construction and energy sectors.”

“Our collective power binds us together, ensuring that our members earn fair wages, receive good benefits, and have opportunities for growth and a better life.” 

The LiUNA! Difference

LIUNA Members live better

Better Pay-over career union workers make more than 1.2 million than non-union workers over their lifetime.

Voice– with LiUNA, you have collective power through bargaining agreements to protect your jobs and rights 

Affordable Health Care: Employers provide health care; you have healthcare for your family.

Career Training allows you career advancement and opportunities for higher-skilled jobs.

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Officers & Staff

Jason Lautensleger
Field Representative
Dayton, OH

Harvey Jordan
Field Representative
Dayton, OH

Hope Lautensleger
Office Manager
Dayton, OH
937-254-6172 Ext. 10

Carlee Lautensleger
Social Media Manager
Dayton, OH
937-254-6172 Ext. 14

About Us

Laborers’ Local 1410 – 100 Industrial Ct. New Lebanon Ohio

John Jones

(937) 254-6172

Our People

We are the men and women who do the hard, dangerous and sometimes dirty work of building our countries. LIUNA members are on the forefront of the construction and energy industries.

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Laborers’ Local 1410 Members

Staying informed about your union’s activity, decisions and support efforts is one of the best ways to ensure you and your family have the tools to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

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Welcome to Laborers’ Local 1410!

(937) 254-6172
 100 Industrial Ct.
New Lebanon, Ohio 45345


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